Reader Devices and Recording Methods

The Nopsa system is a flexible solution for any size of project, from major construction sites to small renovation works. Ensure your site’s personnel list is always complete with the easy to use, low cost Nopsa solution.

The Nopsa VALTTI reader is made to last at the site, “whatever the weather”. It is the result of many years of development, and manufactured in Finland. Our customers say that the device is reliable and robust. The reader is quick to install – it is ready for use on site in minutes! Login to the construction site by showing the card and pressing in or out. The reader supports both the VALTTI smart card and company-specific cards and is certified by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy.

Nopsa VALTTI reader’s technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 25 cm x 17.3 cm x 10 cm, weight: 2 kgLogiNets Oy's Nopsa VALTTI smart card reader
  • RFID reader: Yes (Desfire)
  • GPRS unit: Yes
  • Specially reinforced antenna: Yes
  • Power supply: 220 V AC, power cable lenght: 5 m
  • Operating temperature: -40 – +60 degrees Celcius
  • Protection class: IP 67
  • Reader mounting: screw attachment (screws included in delivery)
  • Support for the Nordic VALTTI smart card: Yes (levels 0 and 0+)
  • Company and employee data verification and creation from the VALTTI card
  • Data security: support for Nordic VALTTI smart card 0 and 0+ levels of protection
  • Certifications: The device is certified by Suomen Tilaajavastuu, CE markings

Nopsa Lite

A stamping terminal application for a mobile device. Use your mobile phone or tablet as a card reader. Works on a mobile device with the Android operating system and NFC support. Suitable for small construction sites.

Nopsa Lite
  • nopsa-lite-leimauspuhelin-samsung-galaxy-xcover3Construction site-specific stamping terminal: Check-in and out stampings, ticket exchange
  • Works on Android phones with NFC support (version 4.4 and higher)
  • Company and employee data verification and creation from the Nordic VALTTI card

Nopsa SMS service

A good option if you do not want to use smart cards or, for example, the installation of the reader device on the site is not possible. The service is convenient especially when many occasional visitors and subcontractors visit the construction site, and the collection of company and employee data is to be “outsourced”. The service frees company resources to focus on the project work itself. Employees make entries via text messages. If a person’s data is not found on the system, the service automatically asks for the company and personal data required by the tax authorities. The subcontractor fills in all information in an online form.

Nopsa SMS service
  • Nopsa SMS serviceSMS construction site entries: Check-in and check-out entries via text messages
  • Employee data collection: Online form for recording data

Other terminal-free ways to access locations include through your mobile phone’s browser, or with a smart phone based on GPS. This allows access to be site-specific, reliable, and ensures only hours worked are paid for – an option suitable for a company’s own employees.

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