Mobile TR Measurement

Mobile TR Measurement

TR measurement is an observation method for the safety of construction work. With the Nopsa software, TR measurement can be performed electronically on a mobile device. The measurer marks the measurement objects correctly/incorrectly on a mobile device. Photographs can be taken on remarks, and after a worksite round, an automatic e-mail message with photos is sent to subcontractors for fixing remarks. A real-time information regarding correction of remarks, helps the management. Nopsa’s TR-meter is based on the TR-meter 2010 form used in Finland.



  • Speeds up measurement, therefore saves time
  • Get rid of paperwork and unreadable handwriting (no tally)
  • Data on measurements can be viewed in real time
  • Clear reports can be printed in the system
  • Accountability of deviation is easy
  • Real time information on contractor repairs

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