Open interfaces

Technical maintenance companies must be able to respond to the challenges of the increasingly digitalized and networked business. In practice, this means that information must be received from and passed through to different channels at the customer interface, within the company and also within the contractor network. Information should be transmitted electronically in accordance with the industry standards by different web forms, between the systems as well as by downloading from files.

Valpas is not a traditional access control software. The entire system is designed to support the networked and digital business needs. This has enabled leaner and more interactive processes. With open interfaces we want to support the communication between the different players and systems.

Sector-specific electronic interfaces:

  • Electronic mediation of work (RAKLI UBL message standard)
  • Electronic invoicing (Finvoice)
  • Ledger data transfer from the bank

Integrations between different systems:

  • Property data
  • Billing information
  • Vehicle Tracking Data

Support for Microsoft Office products:

  • Property creation
  • Service book creation

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