Material Deliveries to Projects

  • Software as a SaaS
  • Versatile but easy to use
  • Scalable

Material Deliveries to Projects

  • Software as a SaaS
  • Versatile but easy to use
  • Scalable
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The Material Control system is an easy to use solution for managing deliveries. It meets international standards and its usability and functionalities have been developed with the newest technologies.

Receiving shipments is automated with the help of RFID technology and user receives confirmation in wanted form and time. The Material Control system includes easy to use and reliable mobile devices for warehouse management.

Material Control system is scalable to meet the needs of both small and large companies. The delivery includes customized customer site ready for use, user training and, if necessary, back-end system integration and customer support.

Projects and Purchases

Material deliveries to projects. Read more…

Coordinating Shipments

Project delivery coordination. Read more…

Deliveries from Subcontractors

Specific information on deliveries. Read more…

Project Stock Management

Manage and handle stock efficiently. Read more…

Mobile Field Work

Mobile solutions for material management. Read more…

Digital Technology & RFID

Implement RFID technology. Read more…
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the system?

Order as you see fit:

We will gladly answer to any questions. You can also request a company specific quote.

What kind of infomation is needed for implementation?

For the deployment we only need your employee and project information.

What is a SaaS service?

SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to the acquisition of software as a service instead of the traditional license-based method. Customer-specific production environments do not exist, but the same production environment serves several customers. Customers use SaaS software via Internet browser, so the implementation of the software is easy. LogiNets’ services are offered in SaaS model. Separate software installation is not required, so the introduction of the services is easy.


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