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Construction site access monitoring

Construction Site Access Control

Do you know who is at your construction site right now? Nopsa site access control software shows you the manpower at your construction sites in real-time. Manage risks at your construction site and fulfill reporting requirements to tax and national authorities. Enhance occupational safety thorugh competency management, inductions and a worksite diary.

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Track material deliveries in capital projects

Materials Tracking for Capital Projects

The Material Handling System is a modern tool for tracking materials in capital projects. Track materials through the whole logistics chain from procurements to site installation. Transparent and accurate information on material deliveries.

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Employee attendance monitoring app

Employee Attendance Monitoring

Honest work hour reporting and billing of clients with the help of Nopsa Employee Attendance Monitoring software. Nopsa works where your employees work. Field workers can start and stop time-clocks on an app on their mobile device. 

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Repair work management software

Field Work Management

Valpas is a field force management system developed for maintenance companies. With real-time work management, productivity is increased, customer satisfaction is improved and the company’s profitability is raised to a whole new level.

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What our customers say.

“The system greatly supports our daily operations and I can focus my time on project management. Access control and reporting to the tax authorities is handled electronically with Nopsa.”

Kimmo Reinikainen

Supervisor, Uudenmaan Korjausrakentajat Oy

UPM has made an investment decision to construct a 2,1 million tonne greenfield eucalyptus pulp mill near Paso de los Toros. The total investment of the project exceeds USD 3 billion. The operation of the new pulp mill generates 10,000 permanent jobs and involves in the production chain more than 600 small and medium size local companies. More information on the investment can be found via UPM Paso De Los Toros website.

UPM uses the Material Tracking System (MHS) to track equipment in the project. UPM’s target for using the Material Tracking System was to introduce material and technology delivery suppliers directly to the contractors through a common system and database where the deliveries and their contents could be easily traced.

UPM Paso de los Toros

“Nopsa has served our needs well. The reports generated by the system are very clear. I have recommended Nopsa to other organizations as well”

Mirka Kõpmann

Financial Management, Kateplan Oy

“After evaluating the readers and software in the markets we chose the Nopsa system because the reader device which is LogiNets Oy’s own production was the most credible for construction. Also the system was applicable according to our needs. The device deliveries and system implementation went very well. The reader’s deployment is extremely simple – just plug and play.”

Kari Lappalainen

Development Manager, Icopal Katto Oy

“Using the software has been easy and the customer service is excellent. The deployment of the software is very simple. The system benefits us in multiple ways – access control provides information for cost monitoring and invoice monitoring, because we know exactly how much work subcontractors have done. In addition, the price of the system is competitive. I can recommend it.

Jyrki Niemi

CEO, Turun Betonisaumaus Oy

“It’s an insanely good system. The benefits gained from using the system are huge, running a large project without such a system would have been difficult. The material tracking system is easy to use. Using the system reduces the risk of errors compared to doing the same things with excel templates.”

Helena Siipola

Customer Service Lead, Meka Pro Oy

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