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We have customers in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Heavy industry
  • Cleaning 
  • Property and equipment maintenance

Our systems are used both by small and large businesses. Watch and read our customer case studies.

Sample users of our software solutions

Customer statements

“Using the software has been easy and the customer service is excellent. The deployment is simple because the software and the reader are delivered ready for use. The system’s benefits are varied – access control provides information for cost control and invoice monitoring as you know the contractors work hours. If there are any technical problems the support works well. In addition, the price of the system is competitive. I can recommend it.

Jyrki Niemi

CEO, Turun Betonisaumaus Oy

“After evaluating the readers and software in the markets we chose the Nopsa system because the reader device which is LogiNets Oy’s own production was the most credible for construction. Also the system was applicable according to our needs. The device deliveries and system implementation went very well. The reader’s deployment is extremely simple – just plug and play.”

Kari Lappalainen

Development Manager, Icopal Katto Oy

The system facilitates daily operation access control and reporting to the tax administration are handled electronically. The biggest advantage of an electronic access control system is in the fact that I can focus on the project work and my time is not spent on collecting and reporting information.”

Kimmo Reinikainen

Work Supervisor, Uudenmaan Korjausrakentajat Oy

“With the Nopsa software work hours go directly to payroll. The system eases time tracking. I do recommend it!”

Monika Põldkivi

CEO, Sivex Oy

“The system is easy to use. If necessary, the support works very well.”

Sari Eklund

Service Coordinator, Tontti-palvelut Oy

Customer cases

Coor Service Management Oy provides nationwide property management and cleaning support services to property owners and premises.

The challenge for Coor Service Management was to handle the work hours for almost 200 cleaners and get them on time for payroll. Hours were recorded in Excel-based charts which took a lot of work management’s time.

The solution was introducing the Nopsa system in 2009. Now the hours logged Coor Service Management payroll system using a mobile phone.

The benefits include accuracy in work hour reporting and time-savings for supervisors.

Coor Service Management Oy

Koiviston Vihertyö Oy is a company concentrated on environmental building in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Mikkeli.

The challenge for the company was manual time sheet reporting and salary payment which took a lot of time. Work hour reports were late and management had to run after time sheets.

The solution was to implement the use of Nopsa software in 2005. Work hours are now reported electronically via a mobile phone. Independence from devices that are built in on a site is highly important for companies where the employees go to different locations during the day.

The benefits include more precise and faster time sheet reporting. The implementation and use of the software is simple. Also the employees have been very pleased with it.

Koiviston Vihertyö Oy

Tapiolan Lämpö Oy provides property maintenance and management services. It is responsible for more than 500 properties’ maintenance.

The challenge for the company was getting real-time information on the work done in the field and monitoring the profitability of different properties.

The solution was to implement the use of the NOPSA service in 2008. Now work can be signed off with just one touch of the mobile when exiting a property. In 2012 the use of the service was expanded to cover also plowing and sandblasting work. In 2014 the company started using the extended version of VALPAS service.

The benefits include reliable and real-time maintenance work sign offs, specific property based cost control and more efficient use of human resources including comprehensive information sharing and communication in property management. Also, the employees have been content with getting an easy access to property task lists with their own mobile phones.

Tapiolan Lämpö Oy

Foster Wheeler Energy supplies power plant and industrial boilers all over the world. The company has more than 600 supplier worldwide.

The challenge for the company was the timely coordination of goods delivery from hundreds of different suppliers to sites all over the world. The delivery communication was done by fax, phone or e-mail. Also the stock inventory at different sites was handled manually.

The solution was for Foster Wheeler Energy to implement the use of a product called the RPM Manager in 2004. The Internet based RPM Manager is a communication platform for the supplier and the customer. The product covers communication exchange from the order’s reception till the delivery and instillation at the site.

The benefits are real-time management of the delivery of the goods, quality delivery documents that meet customer standards and ability for both parties to see and be apart of the communication and delivery process.

Amec Forster Wheeler Energia Oy

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