Simplify field work management

Valpas Field Service Management


  • Real-time information of jobs to management, workers and customers
  • An easy-to-use mobile app
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
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Simplify Field Work Management

Valpas Field Service Management System

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Created work requests

Completed tickets

Weekly maintenance requests

280 00  created work requests

1 mil. completed tickets

1000 weekly maintenance requests 

Do manual routine jobs take up a lot of time?

Traditionally, managing maintenance jobs involves time-consuming manual tasks like processing service requests, recording work hours, and invoicing.

Do you know what has been done and when?

Without the right system, management lacks real-time visibility into workers’ activities and progress.

Are materials or hours forgotten in invoicing?

Late collection of billing information can lead to overlooking materials for invoicing and relying on workers’ memory for billable hours, risking inaccuracies.

Do manual routine jobs such as job allocation and invoicing take up a lot of time?

Do you know what workers have done and when?

Are materials or hours forgotten in invoicing?

Field Service Management made easy


Valpas is a field force and quality management system developed for technical and property maintenance companies. The software includes all the functionalities needed by a maintenance company to efficiently manage maintenance, materials and resources.

  • Workers receive service requests into the app on their phones with clear job lists
  • Documentation of hours worked which can be easily transferred to invoicing
  • Automatic messages to customers on the progress of works
  • A calendar, map and resource view for efficient management of service requests

Features of the Valpas Field Service Management System

Supervision and resource management

Map view, calendar functions and resource view to easily allocate jobs based on workload and location.

Mobile app

Service requests automatically to workers phones and easy work and material reporting in the field (available on iOS and Android).

Automatic messages to customers

Improved customer satisfaction with automatic work status updates and more detailed information of done works.

Inventory management

Inventory information automatically updates based on materials used. Car-specific inventory management available.

Service books, energy monitoring & machine cards

All information of machines and maintenance history digitally.


Time tracking

Clear documentation of hours for invoicing and payroll.

Vehicle tracking

Track vehicles easily with a mobile device or gps tracker. Management can also see where workers are in real-time.


Invoicing and accounts receivable

Work hours and materials from the field easily approved and moved to billing.

Benefits for all stakeholders

  • Optimal allocation of jobs based on workload and location
  • Automated communication to workers and customers
  • Faster and more accurate billing as information transfers directly from the system
  • Job requests in real-time to your mobile device and a clear job list
  • Easy documentation of done work directly out in the field
  • Transfer of work to subcontractor when needed
  • Comprehensive view of maintenance processes
  • Improved profitability 
  • Exact knowledge of time spent on worksites
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Leave service requests through the most convenient channel
  • Fast response times and up-to-date information on the status of work
  • Smooth and transparent service and reports of work done

Management has a real-time view of jobs and can easily allocate them based on location and workload

Workers have a clear work list on their phones and can document jobs done directly from the field

Customers get automated updates on the progress of works and improved customer service

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How does Valpas improve your business operations?

Valpas improves work management by streamlining communication among customers, management, employees, subcontractors, and stakeholders. Workers can access job details on their phones, track hours and materials, and add comments. Automated email updates keep customers informed, while management can use field data for invoicing and payroll. Valpas enhances transparency and business performance with a customized work management system.

Our customers

“With Valpas, we can easily plan jobs for our employees all over Finland. The map view makes it easy to allocate urgent tasks to the nearest worker. The integration of Valpas into our new erp-system was seamless and now we have our processes under control better than ever before. At LogiNets, the customer is genuinely listened to and the response time to problems has been extremely good.”

Pekka Komulainen

CEO, Tammermatic Oy

“Valpas makes our operations significantly more efficient. We get work requests done quickly, there are no more unnecessary trips to the office and information is available in the field without having to print out papers. Even traditional pen-and-paper guys have said that Valpas is really easy to use. For me, it’s also invaluable that I can always get hold of someone from LogiNets when I need to.”

Sonja Sundvik

Development Manager, Tapiolan Lämpö Oy

“The solution has served us really well and has reduced the workload from each job. Everything has always gone smoothly with LogiNets.”

Jarkko Laaksonen

Country Manager, Quadient


Still have a question about something?

Get in touch and our team will be happy to help!

How does the implementation of Valpas work?

The implementation of Valpas is quick and simple. We have designed our onboarding process to be light and easy for our customers and it can be completed within days. We also offer onboarding trainings as necessary. 

What size businesses is Valpas suitable for?

 Valpas is scalable for small and large companies. Our pricing model is based on the needs and size of the business. You can also ask for a quote customized to your organisations needs.

Can Valpas be integrated to other systems?

Yes. Over the years we have built various integrations to other systems. Our software is built using modern API’s, which allows for building seamless integrations.  Our technical experts are happy to answer any questions about system integrations. 

What kind of customer support do you have available?

Our customer support is free and you can always contact us with any issues. At LogiNets you get to speak to a familiar person and our customers have praised our fast reaction times. 

Still have a question about something?

Get in touch and our team will be happy to help!

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