NOPSA Construction site access control

  • Effortless implementation and easy-to-use solution

  • Site safety and worker qualification management

  • Tailored site access control software

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Construction site access control


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Construction sites

Time stamps


Construction sites

Time stamps

Benefits of Electronic Site Access Control

  • Collect employee and contractor data effortlessly
  • Accurate personnel and attendance register for government bodies
  • Log work hours for payroll and cost monitoring
  • Improve site safety
  • Secure site and assets from theft
  • Track absenteeism and spot latecomers


NOPSA Site Access Control is an easy-to-use solution for construction site attendance and safety management. Our services include physical access control options and mobile applications. Our solution comes with a cloud-based software, that will give you an overview of your site attendance- anytime from anywhere without software installations.  Our site access control packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your construction project.  

Our site access control solutions

Site access control app


Track employee attendance at remote and varied sites through a mobile app, that construction site workers can download on their smartphones.

Clock in and out of construction sites. Location-based time stamps.

Site access control with smart cards


Plug and play smart card reader. Smart cards, that can be allocated to employees and contractors, are included in the package. Collect site attendance information in real-time. 


Construction turnstile solutions with smart card reader. Control which employees are granted and denied access to job site perimeters. 

Smart card readers can be integrated with turnstiles from other providers. 

Versatile features of Nopsa Site Access Control

Access Control Software

Data collection and storage made simple. Read more…

Smart Card Reader

For small and medium projects. Read more…

Mobile Tools for Access Control

Mobile application for access monitoring. Read more…

Turnstiles and vehicle gates

For large construction projects. Read more…

Tools for Site Safety Management

Site induction, safety measurement and diary Read more…

Benefits of Nopsa Construction Access Control

    • Site attendance monitoringEasy and flawless employee data collection
    • Real-time information on the manpower at your construction site
    • Reporting made easy with the reporting suite
    • Competency management
    • Powerful dashboards give you real-time site analytics
    • Peace of mind with reliable reporting to tax and government authorities


    • Subcontractors on job siteEasy logging methods at construction site
    • Exact hourly control reports when needed
    • Simple recording of site orientations
    • Construction site payroll Site access control benefits for payroll
    • Less manual work and errors
    • Clean insight into how much time contractors spend at your site
    • Certify payroll
    • Detailed reports
    • Clear and insightful reporting from the main contractor Monitor construction workers on site
    • Powerful dashboards give you real-time site analytics
    • Peace of mind with reliable reporting to tax and government authorities

    Why choose Nopsa Site Access Control?

    LogiNets Oy is a reliable partner
    Software from Finland

    Construction Access Control with over 20 years experience

    Nopsa can be deployed in a matter of hours

    Tailor Nopsa to meet your project’s needs

    Software from Finland. Finnish construction sites are amongst the safest in the world

    Word from our customers

    Success Story – Case Icopal Katto Oy

    Challenge: Icopal Katto wanted to smoothly manage the data collection and attendance for both its own employees and its subcontractors. One of the largest roofing contractors in Finland, the company has in the region of 600 construction sites annually. Their main needs were access control on the sites and monthly employee data reporting to the tax authorities.

    Solution: The Nopsa smart card readers were designed and implemented for monitoring attendance and reporting employee data.

    Benefits: As a result, real-time data on individuals working at the construction site gives the client complete control and allows easy management of information. Above ,all working hours can be controlled more precisely with an electronic site access control system.

    The system facilitates daily operation – site access control and reporting are handled electronically. The biggest advantage of the site access control system is in the fact that I can focus on the project work.”

    Kimmo Reinikainen

    Work Supervisor, Uudenmaan Korjausrakentajat

    “Using the NOPSA software has been easy and the customer service is excellent. The deployment is simple because the software and the reader are delivered ready for use. In addition, the price of the system is competitive. I do recommend it.”

    Jyrki Niemi

    CEO, Turun Betonisaumaus

    “Nopsa eases daily life so that we can see where and when employees are working. We get fast and real time reporting. I absolutely recommend it and have been doing so already over 10 years.”

    Tomi Koivisto

    Work Supervisor/Partner, Koiviston Vihertyö

    “Everything works extremely well. I have been satisfied with the software and especially with the prompt and friendly customer support. The smart card reader and software are fast and easy to use. I’ve come in contact with larger organizations who are still keeping track of construction site attendance and site inductions with pen-and-paper methods. LogiNets has made this process fast and agile.”

    Jari Hartikainen

    Project Manager, Restamaster Oy

    “I like the Nopsa software. The updated user interface is visual.”

    Olli Pättikangas

    Work supervisor, Pohjola Rakennus Oy

    “I like the Nopsas’ mobile inductions. Inductions are easy to mark as completed, once employee data has been collected through the VALTTI smart cards.”

    Teemu Vähäjylkkä

    Work Supervisor, T2H Rakennus Oy

    Free tools to ease daily operations at construction sites

    Download free site log template
    Free site induction template for construction
    Download template employee time-tracking
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I order the Nopsa system?

    Order as you see fit:

    We will gladly answer to any questions. You can also request a company specific quote.

    What kind of infomation is needed for implementation?

    For the deployment we only need your employee and project information.

    What is a SaaS service?

    SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to the acquisition of software as a service instead of the traditional license-based method. Customer-specific production environments do not exist, but the same production environment serves several customers. Customers use SaaS software via Internet browser, so the implementation of the software is easy. LogiNets’ services are offered in SaaS model. Separate software installation is not required, so the introduction of the services is easy.

    Looking for a site access control solution that firs your projects needs?

    Get in touch! We’re happy to help with over 20 years of experience in construction access control!

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