How to ease daily work on a construction site? Read our tips for utilizing digital solutions.

1. Minimize manual work with electronic attendance control

With stricter demands from the authorities and work supervision on site attendance control takes more time. With an electronic site access and attendance control system you can get rid off tally marking and get real time attendance and work hour reporting. With the right kind off system and electronic cards the work load on site diminishes. Once employee information is in the system is attendance control easy. You will also have an electronic personnel register in case of a site inspection.

Access and attendance control can be also done with an SMS service – employees’clock in and out with text messages. An SMS service comes handy especially when device installation on site is not possible or e.g. at the early stages when electricity is not available. Employee information collection can be outsources to the workers themselves.

2. Minimize the amount of paper with a mobile induction form

Often site managers struggle with paper overload on their desks. An electronic induction form can be filled out on a mobile device. The induction form works as a checklist for the instructor and the employee can sign the form straight on the touch screen. The advantages of an electronic induction form include reduced use of paper and real time information on the people who have already been introduced to the site. The forms are also easily printable whenever needed – they are safely saved in the system. It is also easy to add pictures of e.g. employee qualification cards.

3. Document site activities effectively with an electronic site diary

Site’s daily activities should be recorded in a construction site diary. Contractual agreements usually require that the contractor keeps a site diary. Also keeping a site diary is recommended because it is good evidence of what has been done. Like inductions often the site diary is on paper. With an electronic site diary you can get rid off incomprehensible paper forms. Recording daily activities on site is handy and attaching pictures is effortless as the site diary can be created on a mobile device. The electronic site diary can be sent for example to the work supervisor. The site diary will be safely saved in a cloud service.

4. Ease work hour reporting for payroll with electronic access control

With electronic access control keeping track of attendances is easy. With employees clocking in and out on site it is easy to get work hour data to payroll. Unified reporting will ease the whole payroll process.

5. Improve occupational safety, work quality and efficiency with digitalization

With digital tools one can improve constructions site’s safety and quality. With various mobile solutions it is possible to handle site’s weekly checks or occupational safety measurements. Safety deviations can be reported in real time with pictures. Real time information and communication ease daily work. Using smart devices is already normal in daily life, so why not use them for more productive work also in construction?


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