Integrations and Open Interfaces


Software integrations’ purpose is to improve and increase the usability of existing systems, enable distributed information transfer between software, and reduce overlapping. Well-implemented integrations bring competitive advantage to other industry players through an efficient business environment.

The benefits of software integration include:

  • the number of manual jobs and the number of errors is reduced
  • the same information can be utilized and refined by a multitude of employees
  • a fast and unified system integrity supporting business processes
  • real-time information of company’s status to the management

LogiNets wants to support the open communication between different software programs to enhance the business of client companies. Over the years, we have implemented a large number of integrations into different software. The most important of these are payroll, invoicing and ERP systems.

Our expertise includes electronic data transmission and service paths:

  • Industry-specific standards (report obligation of building, subscriber responsibility, property maintenance UBL)
  • General standards (finvoice, reskontra)
  • Custom implementations (SOAP, REST, XML, CSV …)

Our extensive experience, the introduction of good tools currently in use, and often already partially implemented interfaces, are fast to put into operation. Don’t hesitate to be in touch, and we will conduct a free mapping of integration into your existing systems.

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