Nopsa VALTTI reader

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The Nopsa VALTTI smart card reader is made to endure on construction sites in any weather (IP67). It has been developed for years and is manufactured in Finland. Our customers say that the device is reliable and credible for the construction industry. The reader is also easy to install on-site – it is ready for use in just minutes!

Buy a Nopsa VALTTI reader as part of  Nopsa system. Nopsa is a software for real-time work site access control and attendance reporting for the construction industry. The system includes reader devices suited for different sized projects, a customer-specific Nopsa website for project and personnel management as well as customer support services.

  • Nopsa software license 39 €/month
  • User license 1 €/piece/month

Read more on the product page: Nopsa Access Control System


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Weight: 2 kg
Measurements: 25 x 17,3 x 10 cm
RFID reader: Yes (company specific and/or VALTTI smart card j)
GPRS unit: Yes
Power: 220 V AC (power cable 4m)
Battery use: Option
Temperature resistance: -40 – +60 Celcius degress
Protection class: IP 67
Support for VALTTI smart card: Yes (levels 0 and 0+)
Security: support for VALTTI smart card’s 0 and 0+ levels
Certifications: The reader is certified by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy
CE marked

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17,3 × 10 × 25 cm


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