A construction site log (also known as a site diary or site journal) is a written record of a construction site’s progress. It is the backbone of your construction site reporting and a tool for tracking task progress.¬†

Why should your construction company maintain a site log?
ūüõ†¬†Protect your company against disputes
ūüõ†¬†Notice and react to deviations on time
ūüõ†¬†Save costs through immediate reaction to events
ūüõ†¬†Reliable insight into construction site progress- you don‚Äôt have to rely on site managers memory
ūüõ†¬†Transparency and professionalism to your clients
ūüõ†¬†Efficient communication with internal and external stakeholders

We have created a free site log template, that you can download from our website!

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