Deployment of Nopsa and Integrations

Installation & Implementation


NOPSA works where you work and can therefore be accessed everywhere- in the office, on the jobsite or on the move. Because NOPSA is a cloud-based service, information is synced in real-time across all platforms. Time entries from the jobsites are immediately available for admin purposes. Real-time and accurate information always available for work place inspections and reporting. No separate software installations are required. This also means the software is automatically updated to the latest version. Once we have all the information needed to set up your account, NOPSA will be ready to use by the next business day.

Deployment of NOPSA is very simple. The service is delivered to the customer ready for use as a turnkey. We built customized time tracking environments for each customer. To deploy NOPSA, we requite job site information. We can also input employee details on the customers behalf, if needed. 

To ensure a great user experience, our customer support is available free of charge by phone, e-mail and chat.


Over the years, we have built a number of integrations into various systems. We want to support open communication between different operators and systems. Our technical experts will be happy to answer any questions about system integrations.


Want to learn more about the time tracking? Contact our product experts, we are happy to help!

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