Construction Site Access Control Software

Accessible Data – Anywhere, Anytime

Do you know who is working at your construction site right now? With Nopsa Site Access Control software, you will always have a good understanding of:

  • Site attendance
  • Inductions and competencies of workers at your site
  • Completed work hours for each construction site
  • Sub-contractor chains

Features of Nopsa Construction Site Access Control

Workforce time and attendance

  • Workforce PI can be collected by site supervisors, or it can be filled in by workforce.
  • Automatic site attendance logs based on time notes.
  • Export time notes to be used in your existing payroll solutions.
  • Improve site health and safety efforts through workforce competency management.
  • Stop time-theft and buddy punching.

Intelligent dashboards and versatile reporting suite

Make smarter decisions based on transparent data.

  • Dashboards are updated in real-time.
  • Capability to manage multiple construction projects on one platform.
  • Export reports in Excel and PDF.
  • Reports include work time, invoicing summary, site personnel logs for tax and government authorities, construction site attendance, payroll and inductions and many more.

Manage access restrictions

Grant and deny access to workforce, if your site is fenced and has a construction turnstile.

  • Access rights can be linked to construction site training- for example, only allow access to workforce, who have completed site inductions.
  • Complete control of access restrictions settings- for example, you can set your turnstiles out of operation at night time.
  • Time stamps can be made for workforce based on entering and exiting turnstiles.
  • Protect your site from unwanted visitors.

Easy-to-use solution with effortless implementation

  • A scalable solutions for all size construction projects.
  • Service is fully cloud-based, no software installations required.
  • Customer support via phone, email and chat.
  • Flexible contract terms.
  • Unlimited amount of work supervision accounts.
  • Smart card readers are delivered as turn key solutions- plug and play!

Interested in other features of Nopsa Site Access Control?

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