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We offer versatile gate solutions for various construction site needs

We represent MSS Nordic AB construction gates. Protect your site against thieves with our construction site gate solutions. Ensure, that wandering civilians do not have access to active construction zones. If desired, our physical access control solutions can be delivered with a reliable construction site access control software. 

Pyreerna construction site turnstile

A robust and cost-effective turnstile for access control of personnel traffic at construction sites. A construction turnstile controls foot traffic in and out of your site. 

  • Lightweight gate with smooth-running turnstile mechanisms
  • Can be moved across the site with a forklift
  • The heating element guarantees operation in freezing temperatures
  • Tested and tried in Norther construction conditions
  • LED- light signals for access monitoring
  • Can be delivered with a reliable access control solution

Technical information

  • Measurements: 1490 x 1240 x 2335 mm
  • 3 blades, 9 arms in each
  • Capacity: 10-25 persons / min
  • Power: 110 / 22ov. 60/50 Hz. AC (% i 10) 24V. 1
  • Consumption: 1W max 60W in standby mode



Sierra Nevada sliding gate

Sierra Nevada is a cost-effective, lightweight, fully welded steel-grade sliding gate solution.  Sierra Nevada can withstand harsh work and weather conditions. The sliding gate is an ideal solution for construction sites, which have large volumes of vehicle traffic and material deliveries. 

  • The sliding gate is lightweight and can be moved with a forklift truck or crane
  • Guaranteed operation even in harsh temperatures
  • Available as both manual and motorized operation
  • Gates can be opened via a text message service (site supervisors can remotely open the gate if needed)
  • Can be delivered with a reliable access control solution

Technical information

  • Measurements: 5000 X 2000 mm
  • Overclimbing obstacle: three rows of barbed wire
  • Sizing disk: 1000 x 7000 mm


Sierra Nevada liukuportti työmaalle
Himalaya kokoontaittuva ajoneuvoportti työmaille

Himalaya folding vehicle gate

The Himalaya-folding gate is a fast-opening and spacious vehicle gate for construction sites. The gate takes less space than the sliding gate, due to folding doors. The fully welded steel structure of the Himalaya gate is designed to withstand the tough working and weather conditions of the North. 

    • Lightweight
    • The gate can be lifted and moved by crane or forklift to a desired location on site
    • Steel construction
    • Fully welded
    • Folding doors
    • Can be delivered with a reliable access control solution
    • Includes overclimbing obstacles 
    • Guaranteed operation even in harsh temperatures


Do you need a gate with an integrated

access control solution?


The Nopsa gate control unit is an efficient tool for construction turnstile access control. The unit is reliable in challenging construction site conditions and can be installed with almost all construction site turnstiles. Fixed internet cables aren’t required, the unit will be connected to the internet automatically when plugged in.

Grant access to the construction site employees using Nopsa software. When approved employees read their RFID-card, turnstiles will open. Improve construction site safety and ensure that only trained and qualified employees have access to site. 


  • Sound signal, when smart-card has successfully been read
  • Capability to operate even when internet connection fails
  • RFID-reading capability
  • Manage access rights with the Nopsa Service
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