Personnel and vehicle gates for construction sites

LogiNets Oy is the representative of Swedish Cami Gruppen AB’s construction site solutions in the Finnish market.

Pyreerna full-height turnstile

A robust and cost-effective turnstile for access control of personnel traffic on construction sites.


  • A control unit designed for northern conditions
  • Lightweight and smooth-running turnstile mechanism
  • ID card slot in and out
  • Move from one place to another with a forklift
  • Surface treated with gray powder paint
  • The heating element also guarantees the operation with very low temperatures

Technical information

  • Measurement: 1490 x 1240 x 2335 mm
  • Throughput width: 500 mm
  • Rotation angle: 120 °
  • 3 blades, 9 arms in each
  • Capacity: 10-25 persons / min
  • Delivery form: two ways
  • Power: 110 / 22ov. 60/50 Hz. AC (% i 10) 24V. 1
  • Consumption: 1W max 60W in standby mode

Sierra Nevada sliding gate

Sierra Nevada is a cost-effective, lightweight, fully welded steel-grade sliding gate solution. Sierra Nevada can withstand harsh work and weather conditions and can be lifted and moved by crane or forklift truck. Available as both manual and motorized.

Technical informationSierra Nevada 2_modified

  • Measurement: 5000 X 2000 mm
  • Overcliming obstacle: three rows of barbed wire
  • Sizing disk: 1000 x 7000 mm

Himalaya folding vehicle gate

The Himalaya-folding gate is a fast-opening and spacious vehicle gate for construction sites. The gate takes less space than the sliding gate, due to folding doors. The fully welded steel structure of the Himalaya gate is designed to withstand the tough working and weather conditions of the North. The door can be lifted and moved by crane or forklift to a desired location on site. Power on, and the gate is ready for use. The Himalaya-folding gate is delivered pre-installed and tested.

Gate opening and closing works with VALTTI reader and with company-specific access control cards. As a safety guarantee, the gate is equipped with a power transmission and safety system, according to Nordic standards.

Watch the video on how the gate opens and closes.

Technical information

  • Measurements: 2000×6000
  • Open measurement: 5000 mm
  • Height: 2300
  • Power: 230V-10A
  • Overcliming obstacle: Shark teeth
  • Delivery: Plug & Play

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