Tools for Site Safety Management

Statistically, many work place accidents still take place in the construction industry. It is estimated, that construction companies save $4-$6 for every $1 spent on safety programs. Electronic tools provide a reliable basis for site safety management. Below we have listed the additional tools in Nopsa for improving site safety. 

Electronic induction for construction site employees

Construction site inductions

With Nopsa, you can fill in details of completed inductions in real-time at the construction site using a mobile device.  The use of an electronic, real time induction process ensures all inductions are carried out to the same high standard. Updates can be easily made if changes to conditions, methods, equipment or procedures at the work place occur. Project-specific  induction forms can be easily customized to match the requirements of each unique job site. The forms can be completed, signed and uploaded following the induction, and immediately available for safety inspection.


Worker competency management

Safety regulations require specific competency and skills for tasks around a project site. With Nopsa, your company can define competencies that are required on site. Competency information and proof can be collected and stored easily for inspection.



Site Safety Measurement

With Nopsa, construction site safety measurement can be performed electronically on a mobile device. The measurer goes through a list of potential construction site safety hazards and marks their observations for each hazard in Nopsa. The measurer determines whether each of these objects at the site has been completed in a safe or unsafe manner. Photographs can be taken of potential safety hazards. These remarks along with the photograph can be emailed automatically to the contractors, who are responsible for fizing the hazard.  Nopsas’ safety measurement meter is based on the TR-meter 2010 form used in Finland.


Benefits of mobile safety measurement

  • Saves management time by speeding up measurement processes
  • Get rid of paperwork  
  • Data on potential safety hazards can be viewed in real time
  • Clear reports can be printed from
  • Managing accountability of deviations is easy


Electronic tool for site safety measurement
Mobile construction site diary

Electronic construction site diary

If keeping a site diary is not already an obligation for your project, then it is a highly valuable and recommended practice! The transparency and professionalism of a site diary is an asset to your client and valuable resource for your business.

A site diary can be shared with all persons relevant to the project. Either as an internal document or as an open resource, the diary can allow for immediate reaction to events and save costs through reduced response time.

An electronic diary helps you get rid of paper work and allows events and information to be supported with documents, images or relevant attachments. As a cloud service, the diary can be accessed and updated anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of and Electronic Site Diary

  • A recommended & obligatory practice – transparency & professionalism to clients
  • Respond fast & save costs
  • Store & access diary information securely


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