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Material Tracking for capital projects

UPM uses MHS to track materials in pulp mill project in Uruguay


UPM has made an investment decision to construct a 2,1 million tonne greenfield eucalyptus pulp mill near Paso de los Toros. The total investment of the project exceeds USD 3 billion. Read more…

Biggest Supply Chain Challenges in 2023

Biggest Supply Chain Challenges in 2023

To say that a majority of the world’s population has been directly affected by the global supply chain crisis would be an understatement; it’s hard to see how someone in the world -- irrespective of where they live -- would not have felt the impact of soaring prices,...

Why invest in a site access gate?

Why invest in a site access gate?

Why is it a good idea to invest in a gate solution for construction companies? What are the benefits of a closed construction site? Control of entry to the construction site The biggest benefit of gate solutions is that unauthorized people and vehicles cannot enter a...


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