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Project stock management

Construction sites are typically in a remote location with poor infrastructure and harsh conditions. Materials for installations are often sourced from all over the word from hundreds of suppliers. Material flows are vast with thousands of containers delivered for a single project and often trucks queue to drop off deliveries. Construction site managers are responsible for the enormous task of ensuring that materials are found on time for site installations and guaranteeing that warehouse inventory is up to date.

Based on hundreds of on-site interviews with construction site professionals, the following challenges with material deliveries to construction sites were identified:

  • Timely co-ordination of deliveries to site and unloading
  • Deliveries arrive late to site
  • Package content does not match with the purchase orders
  • Identification of materials is difficult
  • Finding materials for assembly is time consuming
  • Items are getting lost and reordered (extra air freight costs!)
  • Overview of stock management
  • Progress control of assembly work
  • Getting deviations reported and fixed on time
  • Manual progress reporting (stock inventory, assembly, deviations)

A huge amount of work has done to solve these problems including on-site interviews with hundreds of construction site professionals, brainstorming sessions, piloting of new work practices, incorporating wireless technologies in every-day work at construction sites and years of product development. The Material Handling System construction site module is a result of these efforts.

The Material Handling system introduces new efficiency to construction site materials management. Receiving and inspecting goods can be completed in real-time via a mobile device. Tracking goods within the warehouse or project site is fast and easy. Material items can be located along the supply chain with a single search.  Warehouse inventory is made simple with tools that guide users to take necessary actions with deviations and shortages of materials.

How can the Material Handling System help construction site personnel?

  • Early information of incoming shipments and delivery time deviations
  • Easy and fast handling of goods arrivals (planning, receipt, inspections)
  • Real-time storage inventory management
  • Easy allocation of materials to assembly with storage pick lists
  • Mobile phone solutions for materials receipt and storage management 
  • Automated product recognition with mobiles using RFID-tagging and QR-codes
  • Easy and fast tracking of materials (all parties share the same data base)


Want to learn more about the Material Handling System? Contact our product experts, we are happy to help!

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