Engineering and Procurement


Materials represent a major expense in capital projects, contributing to nearly 50% of the construction’s value (WRAP, 2007). In large capital projects where an industrial factory (pulp mills, petrochemical plant etc) is built somewhere in the world, the process planning and consulting company is selected in an early stage of the project. The company is usually responsible for project specifications, process planning, equipment and supplier selections and procurements.

The Material Handling System (MHS) offers a modern tool for publishing, handling and managing orders and call-off’s within the project’s network. Orders can be published via the acquiring company’s ERP system, by emails with BOM list’s or by entering them into the material handling system. MHS can be easily integrated with your existing engineering systems, SAP, ERP and planning software. Orders can be published and recorded into MHS by different project parties. For example, the main contractor may order a boiler plant from a specific sub-contractor. The subcontractor can publish their material orders for the construction of the boiler plant via the MHS. This enables MHS to act as a materials data-base for the entire project eco-system.

Suppliers get automatic notifications via email once an order has been published. The subcontractor is guided to complete necessary steps by following the open task list when singing into the software. 

Payment release to ERP systems (SAP etc) can also be managed via MHS. Payment can be released for example, after all order lines are received and inspected at construction site.


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