Time Tracking

It is easy to track work hours with Valpas which can be used in payroll and invoicing. With a digital time tracking system, manual work and mistakes decrease both in the office and the field. With Valpas all hours are visible in real-time in one place.

✔ Employees can log hours using their phones directly in the field

✔ Download working time reports from the Valpas system

✔ Add categories such as hourly work, additional work or maintenance work

✔ Hours logged can be easily transferred to payroll and used in billing as well

✔ App available on iOS and Android – hours can be logged on any device

✔ Integrations to payroll and invoicing systems

Cohesive reporting when all hours are filled in the same way

No more chasing up missing hours or hours forgotten to be logged

Automation of manual processes as hours can be digitally transferred to payroll

Workers don’t have to rely on their own memory and manually fill in hours later

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