Invoicing and accounts receivable

With Valpas, invoicing is simple and all the information you need is one place. When the maintenance worker completes the work on his mobile device, it is visible to the supervisor in real time. The work can be approved and invoiced or forwarded with comments. Invoices can be sent to the customer either as an e-invoice by exporting the files to the e-invoicing system or as a traditional paper invoice.

Receivables can be tracked from the invoice browse view. In addition, invoicing can be monitored by means of various follow-up reports. Accounts receivable is kept up to date by entering the information on payments made into the system. The easiest way to do this is through electronic data transfer. Data can also be entered manually.

The service management system and the invoicing system should work seamlessly together. For a smaller maintenance company, one system may be sufficient to manage maintenance work and invoicing. Larger companies often have a separate financial management system, into which Valpas can be easily integrated. Our technical experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about system integrations.

All information needed for invoicing in one place

Verifying work done is easy and info from jobs transferred automatically to invoicing

Take care of invoicing with Valpas or integrate to your invoicing system

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