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Typical challenges in material tracking to construction sites

  • There is no link or integrations between forwarder, material manufacturer and project orchestrator systems. 
  • Lack of information continuity between product, package, container and shipment levels in deliveries.
  • Information regarding material deliveries is handled via each organizations individual systems and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Communication about deliveries is done via phone or email and is heavily reliant on individual people.

The logistical challenges are furthermore highlighted in international projects, where materials are procured from around the world and delivery distances and times are long. With tight project schedules and critical customer demands, handling large material flows manually is extremely time consuming. 

Integrate MHS with freight forwarders for optimal freight tracking

Freight forwarders have efficient tools for planning and tracking shipments and containers all over the world. MHS enables tracking of containers, packages and individual items within the project network. Use material tracking system and freight forwarders data for optimal and comprehensive supply chain management. By combining the levels of data that MHS and forwarders systems provide, you are essentially creating a UPS, DHL or FedEx like material delivery database for your own project network.

The Material Handling System has been developed to solve supply chain management issues in capital projects. The system takes your delivery management to a whole new level with the following benefits:

Benefits of MHS for Lean material delivery management to capital projects

Efficient project logistics with MHS

The material tracking system offers a modern tool for managing project logistics. Information can be input by multiple different project parties, based on the purchasing organizations requirements. For example, details of deliveries can be reported by the forwarder or by the material supplier, once they have confirmed delivery with the forwarder. We provide multiple data inout options and custom-tailored solutions based on your project specifications.

Material tracking system for construction

The Material Handling System improves efficiency and reduces costs, because deviations can be dealt with at the right time and material deliveries are no longer managed by a few people via Excel spreadsheets.

Are you looking for a material tracking system?

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