Mobile Time Notes on the Field

Mobile Time Notes on the Field

With the Nopsa software the employees can make time entries with a mobile device. Usually, companies using the system have field workers working in changing locations. Time notes are location based which is beneficial for resource management. Real-time mobile time entries facilitate daily operations – work hours are not penned down from memory and work supervision does not waste time in clarifying paper timesheets. Payroll and billing are based on actual work hours.

Nopsa System provides the following time note methods

Device independent, location based trackingEmployees can make time entries using any mobile device’s browser. nopsa-basic-samsung-galaxy-xcover3
Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, accurate GPS trackingWork time entries are done on the work site based on GPS tracking within a pre-defined radius. Phone-specific applications make it easy to use. gps-tracking-mobile-time-tracking-work-hour-reporting
Device Independent, SMSEmployees can make time notes by SMS. Nopsa SMS service
Nopsa LiteConstruction site-specific stamping terminal: Check-in and out stampings, ticket exchange
Works on Android phones with NFC support (version 4.4 and higher)
Company and employee data verification and creation from the Nordic VALTTI card
Nopsa Lite

Nopsa Time Tracking App can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store

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