NOPSA is designed to streamline the payroll process. Administrational work time is not spent on collecting time sheets, clarifying unclear sign-ins, and manual data entry into different systems. Information can be found in one system, in the same way recorded, when management, or payroll needs it. The basis for the wage bill can be collected for example, in working hours, salary categories, allowances and overtime, which can be allocated to the cost center, worksite, or work number.

The benefits of electronic work time tracking and mobile hourly recording for payroll

  • easier work time logging for employees (different real-time logging methods can be used as needed, no need to jot down working hours from memory)
  • the ease of editing and approving working hours
  • uniform reporting ie working hours and required information is recorded in the same way
  • recording holidays and absences. Collective agreement interpretation (a list of allowances defined in a collective agreement, e.g. daily allowance, food allowance)
  • working hours bank. Calculation of overtime and balance from flexible working hours.
  • the streamlining of the payroll process

Typical information needed for payroll

  • employee PI
  • the start and end date for work
  • pay grade or type
  • cost pool / work object
  • mileage
  • allowances defined in the various collective agreements (overtime, evening, condition, etc.)

There are multiple ways to transfer data from NOPSA to payroll. NOPSA has different work time monitoring reports that can utilized in payroll. In smaller companies, information transfer to payroll can be handled by, for example, working time reports that are sent to the accounting firm. The accounting firm can also have their own log-in details for NOPSA, whereby the payee receives the necessary report, when needed. Data transfer can also be done by downloading a cvs-file from one system to another. In larger companies, NOPSA can be integrated with a corporate HR or payroll system. With this method, the necessary information is transferred automatically.


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