Service Books, Energy Monitoring and Machine Cards


The electronic service book supports cost-effective management of maintenance. It ensures that the maintenance tasks defined in the customer contracts are carried out according to the agreed schedule.

Management can easily monitor the progress of the work in an annual view, where the status of tasks is displayed in colour codes. Maintenance workbooks can be created manually from the company’s master list, copied from other maintenance sites or imported from an Excel file.

Energy monitoring is for monitoring property’s energy consumption. Typically, you want to keep track of electricity, water and district heating consumption. Energy monitoring provides information on present energy consumption compared to previous years. The energy monitoring also highlights any deviations compared to the normal consumption, for example, a machine failure or incorrect settings due. Data for monitoring can be entered directly in the field by phone or online at the office. 

Machine cards are device-specific. They should be created for equipment with significant costs. The cards include machines’
– technical settings
– locations
– service areas
– manufacturer’s information
– spare part information

The information on machine cards can be modified according to the company’s needs.

The software automatically publishes contract tasks to the employee according to the agreed schedule

Predictive maintenance is made easy with a maintenance calendar and maintenance checklists

With up-to-date energy monitoring, changes can be reliably detected and reacted to in time

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