Vehicle Tracking and Driver’s Logbook


Vehicle tracking can be handled by a fixed vehicle tracking device or Android smartphone / mobile device. Both work with the Nopsa work time monitoring system.

Vehicle tracking with a fixed device

Automatic vehicle tracking is an easy-to-use solution based on satellite positioning (GPS) and driver authentication using the RFID tag. The device is activated when the car is started, and stops when the car is shut down. Vehicle tracking allows the company to always have real-time information about where the vehicles are at the moment, and the map view can check the active driving.

The high-performance Aplicom vehicle tracking device is designed to withstand demanding conditions and high temperature fluctuations such as frost, heat and humidity. The device is also suitable for machine monitoring, whereby the system can be checked for example where it has snowplowed or sanded.aplicom

  • small size and easy to mount on all types of vehicle OBD2-interface, or cigarette lighters
  • internal antennas save space and installation time, the possibility of an additional antenna
  • 3G support will automatically search for the best network
  • wide memory capacity and spare battery
  • motion detection and wakeup alarm
  • accurate positioning and distance measurement
  • developed to operate under challenging conditions

Nopsa system – mobile vehicle monitoring and driving log

An easy-to-use Android mobile app is ideal for the inexperienced user. On a mobile device, a trip is recorded as a start, after which the system will plot route map to the system. Otherwise, mobile vehicle monitoring works like a fixed monitoring device. Work hours and driven trips can be conveniently recorded with the same Android application.

Driver’s logbook

The Vehicle tracking service includes a driver’s logbook that meets the requirements of the tax authorities, and can be printed at any time and, if necessary, information can be updated afterwards. The kilometers/mileage are automatically calculated using a fixed device or logs made

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